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I am a blogger, a storyteller. I am not a journalist and I am not a marketer.  I always have to remind myself of these facts whenever I get stuck in a rut of wanting to write an article about Food Trucks on Maui the way a journalist or a marketer will do. Whenever I find myself desiring to write a perfect post, something that is worth publishing in Forbes or Time Magazine, I get stuck. I end up not writing anything because I can’t. And the blog and the website suffer because I end up not writing anything.

And so today I decided to just write as I am.  A blogger. Someone who write as I speak. I express my thoughts in a blog. I muse, I reflect, I freely write my vision and dreams, I plan out my steps on how to accomplish a goal.  Most of the time, I talk story. Other times, I simply muse.  This is one of those musing.  You are welcome to read along, but I must warn you that this may get long and windy.  I will try to break my thought up in segments.  Maybe that will help.


On November 20, 2012, the Food Trucks On Maui Mobile App was approved by the App store.  Thanks to Kris Nelson ( a.k.a. @webnelly of Maui By Photo ) for all his hard work. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am that Kris agreed to partner with me on this venture. Without him, there won’t be a @FoodTrucksMaui App.

The Ver 1.0 of the App needs to be tested so we can see the bugs.  At that time we have approximately 56  e-mail subscribers, and we thought they deserve to know first.  So we sent out an e-mail announcing the availability of the app, free to download! We warned that we have already discovered some bugs and there may be more. We gave them an option to download now or wait for the Version 1.0.1 with the bugs fixed.

On  December 15, 2012 Kris sent me a message on Facebook saying that our Version 1.0.1 was approved by the App store and soon it will be available.  That’s great!  I know I will be sending another a-mail to the subscribers, now totaling 70 and growing – woo hoo!

I need to do some updating of the database right now so I will cut this post short.  I will be back for part 2 – stay tuned! :)


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Let The Food Trucks On Maui Blog Begin

My original plan was to make this blog just a temporary splash page but I changed my mind. As I always preach, blogging is important in creating awareness – wether its a brand, a product, an idea, a business or a cause, and so I decided to blog here also.

 I also initially thought of blogging about food trucks on Maui at A Maui Blog, but I think it really needs to have its own home.

 And to all my geeky friends … I know what you are thinking … “why the heck did Liza use Blogger instead of WordPress?” Well, Blogger and I have this “love affair”. It’s hard to explain but it just feels right for now. I have a bigger project to launch, where will be a part of. When I launch that bigger project, it will be in WordPress. But for now… Blogger is where the “Food Trucks On Maui”  will be. I have accumulated a lot of photos already and I have a lot of posts in line. Stay tuned.

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 Aloha and a hui hou!


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